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USA Student Advisory Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to the most commonly frequently asked questions about studying in the USA, like where to study English, what are good summer programs, and more. Applying to a US university or community college can be an overwhelming experience for international students, especially if it’s their first time. The application process can be confusing, so it’s understandable if students have many questions. We speak with international students at the USA Student Advisory daily. Advisors are asked many questions about studying in the US, but some are very frequent. Engaging with prospective international students in the best possible way helps them know their most common questions. They can then address these topics on your university’s website. Here are the four most common questions international students ask us about studying in the US.

For students reading about USA Student Advisory
  • Why should I study abroad?
    Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime! It will enable you to gain experience and insights into another culture and see the world differently. You may have the opportunity to learn another language. Living and studying abroad is a unique opportunity, and now is the best time in your life to go overseas. You will undergo tremendous personal and intellectual growth that is impossible to achieve by staying on your home campus. Additionally, employers highly value practical cross-cultural communication skills and critical thinking in prospective employees. An international experience is sure to enhance your résumé. Spending time abroad requires a considerable academic, emotional, and financial commitment. But the return on the investment is well worth it!
  • What are the Benefits of joining the USA Student Advisory VIP membership?
    Our lifetime membership provides you with numerous benefits, including free online booking, free IELS Per-test, Visa agent, and application support. With our Visa agent service, you will receive professional advice and assistance with your visa application process. Our application support will provide you with guidance and help as you go through the college and university application processes. Finally, our IELS Per-test will help you to demonstrate your English language proficiency. Our Education Support Services will give you the help and advice you need to achieve your educational goals.
  • How do I become a member of the USA Student Advisory?
    The easiest way is to sign up and create a password, then confirm your email address. Only people we approve manually will be accepted due to the large amount of Bots and fraudulent sign-ups. After your approved, you can log in and use our free services. You will receive some welcome emails, and we will contact you. You can also fill out any of the forms on our website. Once you become a VIP member, you can earn loyalty rewards, free e-books, and more. You will also have the opportunity to work with a USA Student Advisor. (Professional Consultant)
  • Where can I go to study abroad?
    Our Education Support Services provides a range of study abroad options. We can help you find the program and location that best suits your individual needs and interests. We can also provide guidance on the application and visa process and financial aid and support services. If you have any questions about studying abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • How will I receive my certificate?
    Upon completing the course, Your certificate will be emailed to you using your account email in PDF format when you have successfully passed your examination. You can, however, request a mailed copy to your home address for an additional fee due to the high cost of international and local mail services. We no longer provide that service for free and decided it was unnecessary.
  • What are the differences between TESOL / TEFL / TESL / CELTA?
    Essentially, these are all ESL/EFL teaching qualifications and are usually interchangeable as qualifications. Most positions ask for those qualifications, while some employers may be more specific about which qualification they seek. (Example) TESOL is the prevalent version of qualification in Canada.
  • Are the TESL & TEFL programs accredited?
    USA Student Advisory TESL / ESP / TEYL programs are accredited through Innovation and Technical Services Foundation and registered through the American Embassy Consulate. Many programs claim accredited certificates, but they don't tell you that your certification cannot be used legally internationally unless you register the certificate through the country's government that you are planning to teach in. The service is included in your certificate course. We recommend that you bring or send a notarized copy of your university degree, which must be registered and can be done simultaneously. For more information on certification and credibility. You can contact our USA Student Advisory to speak with a representative.
  • Is the TESL / EFL certificate recognized internationally?
    Yes, our certification is registered through the American Embassy Consulate so that your certificate can be used internationally, and we provide this service for no additional fee.
  • Does USA Student Advisory notarize or authenticate/legalize/Apostille the Certificate?
    USA Student Advisory is pleased to offer notarization services for certificates and registration. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about getting your certificate/diploma notarized and authenticated. You can book a free online appointment to speak with a representative or email us, and we will get back to you immediately.
  • Do I need to have teaching experience to enroll in the course?
    You do not need any teaching experience to enroll in the TESL & TEFL program. The Programs are designed to instruct students of all levels to be effective English language teachers. Students with and without teaching experience can benefit from the course to gain further credentials and qualifications to be an English language teachers worldwide
  • How long does it take to complete this course?
    The time it takes to complete the course depends on how quickly you can work through the material since it is designed to be studied at your own pace. Most students finish the certificate program in 2-4 weeks and the In-country program in 2 to 3 weeks. Students have one year to complete the course.
  • Do you check my level of English fluency?
    We do not assess your level of English fluency before enrolling in the program. Your level of English fluency will show through the quality of your assignments, and you will have difficulty passing courses if you are not fluent in English. However, please note that different English teaching positions require varying levels of English fluency. Such as, a high command of the English language will be required to obtain a job position. We encourage everyone interested in a teaching career to take the course; however, note that each employer will have their requirements of English fluency for a teaching position and may check your level of fluency as a part of the interview process.
  • Why do TESOL Certificate programs vary so much in price?
    USA Student Advisory offers an online TESL / ESP / TEYL program and an in-class TESL / IELTS program. The in-class TESL / IELTS program is much more expensive than the online one. Similarly, other institutes price their TESL programs at different levels. The online program is priced very competitively to make it affordable for anyone seeking an English teaching career to obtain their qualification and embark on this exciting journey.
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