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Most popular USA student program for Vietnamese international students

High School Completion Dual Degree Program.

A fast-track program for students looking to complete High School and the first two years of college at the same time (concurrently). Students will begin their college/university classes earlier. ( 16 years old ) then their peers and graduate from TCC with an Associate’s Degree and High School Diploma.

USA Student Advisory Vietnam VIP Free Membership

English Proficiency is not required for admission. However, students who have taken an English proficiency test within the last two years are encouraged to submit their scores with the online application. The following scores will place a student directly into college-level English (ENG 101). IELTS: 5.5

For all applications, there is a $50 application fee. With USA Student Advisory Vietnam VIP Free Membership applications fee is Free

  • Homestay, shared room $600

  • Academic Year (9 months) $10,206

  • 2023 Estimated Tuition and Costs $22,041

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For more information and to speak with a USA student advisor, book your free online consultation

  • Available Online

    Students Moving to a new country is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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