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How to Overcome Feelings of Self-Blame and Guilt: It's Not Your Fault

A neuro scientist looking in the microscope

Have you ever wondered what's holding you back from achieving all your dreams and making the money you want? Well, worry no more. It's not your fault. The latest research of the most advanced information on the human brain and its effects on our success uncovers revolutionary insight. Here are just a few of the newest neuro-scientific discoveries:

1. It is now known that humans think on six different levels simultaneously, yet only one-sixth of them are conscious. This means that 83% of the time, you act automatically at a non-conscious level. This explains why just making a decision is nowhere near enough if you want to improve your results. You must re-train your brain if you want to achieve more. This is also why diets don't work.

2. Another great discovery is that non-conscious brain cells (neurons) can detect and pick up information up to 800 times faster than conscious neurons. The good news is that you can train these faster brain cells to work for you, not against you. This is absolutely using your real power and not just 17% of your real abilities.

3. A third great discovery concerns the Amygdala. This part of the brain has been conditioned from a very young age by your parents, teachers, and the events in your life. The Amygdala doesn't like change and releases neurotransmitters anytime you try to change something. Any deviation from your norm sets this off and causes you to revert to your old patterns of thoughts and behaviors. This explains why most people have difficulty leaving a job or relationship they aren't totally happy with.

It also explains why people stay in the same income bracket year after year. It may not be what they want, but it's what they are accustomed to and conditioned to expect.

So, if you wonder what is holding you back from achieving all your dreams and making money, don't worry. It's not your fault.

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